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✪ Who we are


Welcome to the {Rebel Rangers}

The {RR} started in the early 2018
We are a multi gaming Clan
The Clan is Set up by Maclobster, HuggyBear, Guardian

The {RR} clan is a mix of people from around the globe.
With oldschool players back since release of AA1 in 2002
Every one is different with a different background and life
We respect eachothers personal life and everyone is equal
Men and woman, young and old, we have all the same love for gaming
Our main languages is English Ingame, TS and website
We are proud member of the Anti Cheat -ACI- anticheatinc

We Are Recruiting!
The {RR} clan gives a welcome to anybody that speaks English:

What we are looking for:
- Are you 16+ years or older?
- Do you have a proper working microphone?
- Do you have a passion for Gaming?
- No history with online cheats

The main goal of our clan is :
- Have a great community
- Doing practice for good skills to work together
- Have fun in game as much as we can
- Have good teamplay / communications
- Keeping a clean and respectful server for anyone Info Rules
- Most of all beeing rebels

What we offer:
- A growing {RR} family
- A teamspeak 3 server for communications TS3 Info
- A maintained and monitored website

Does this sound like what you are looking for?
Dont wait and join the {RR} Clan and submit right here : Join the Clan

R-eady Have fun and a great gameplay C-heers

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