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✪ Teamspeak Info

Posted: 01 Jan 2018, 07:01
by {RR} Staff

To join our Teamspeak, you must have teamspeak 3 installed

- First download teamspeak 3 ( windows 32 or 64 bits ) here : TeamSpeak 3

- Install teamspeak 3 and fill in the next following information :
---- Nickname ( fill in your Name/GameName )
---- TeamSpeak IP Adress =
- click on connect

Teamspeak rules:
You have an option to talk in game and on TS, the following rules apply:

- Use separate buttons for separate channels (Do not use 1 button for both teamspeak and game)
- Use Push to Talk, or we hear background sounds and it is distracted in game.
- Speak to each other, respect this and listen to it.
- People are not all the same and play in a different way.

Have a lots of fun, your in and welcome.

{RR} Staff