PB SS viewer guide

PunkBuster ScreenShot Viewer Guide

How to report screenshots of cheaters on -ACI- AntiCheat
First of all, you need to have a account on -ACI- Register Account Here
Once you have registered a account or already had one go to step 1


When you are on the PBSS viewer ( PunkBuster ScreenShot viewer) Link : PBSS Viewer
Click on a name, the name will highlight to other color, see image below as example with the name Maclobster

Click on image to enlarge


You will now see screenshots on the right side of the name you clicked on
You need to scroll down for more screenshots of the player
Now you can see some information of the screenshot, like date/time,GUID and a link to open it on other page
Later in other step you will need the link from that page

Click on image to enlarge


Click on a screenshot and it will popup
Now you will see the screenshot better, with information

Click on image to enlarge


This is the same screenshot, but now hangover your mouse over the screenshot
You will see a zoom windows over the screenshot, so you can see more pixels to check if there is something wrong to the player
To zoom in or out, hold your left or right mouse, and move the zoom window
You will see the zoom wil changes

Click on image to enlarge


Now click like showed in Step 2 on the screenshot location link or on the screenshot self as a link
Example showed in Step 3 SSID:pb001787.png

Click on image to enlarge


Final steps to submission screenshots of possible cheaters at -ACI- Anticheat
When you find a possible cheater, copy the link of the screenshot location

Note if you have more then one screenshot, please submit all screenshots links to -ACI-

-!- - Go to -ACI- AntiCheat
-!- - Go to Forum Jump ( it can be a little chaotic first time to find it, because there are two horizontal ''menu's''
-!- - 1 under top header, and 1 below top menu with white letters , ''Forum Jump''
-!- - Once clicked on ''Forum Jump'', and a submenu of 4 rows will popup
-!- - On the 4th row you will find AA:PG PunkBuster ScreenShot Submission, click on that
-!- - Read the PBSS Section Policies to be sure, link PBSS Section Policies
-!- - Create a New Thread
-!- - Now your on the page called ''PunkBuster ScreenShot Submission Tool''
-!- - You will see to blocks to fill in information
-!- - Block 1 called ''Complete URL to the server screenshot (.htm or .png):'' ( put here the link of the screenshot you like to report)
-!- - Block 2 called ''Additional Comments'', You can put here some extra info if needed
-!- - Press Submit and your done
C-heck- Result can be seen here : Submission Results

Congrats hunter you post a screenshot of a possible Cheater on -ACI- to keep our server clean HOOAH

Image Click Here Image

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